Policy Certificate

Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Our business is to protect people over the long term. In this business, trust and solid relationships are paramount. Corporate Responsibility is the demonstration, step by step, day by day, that, through our actions, we deserve the trust of our stakeholders. AXA in the Gulf wants Corporate Responsibility to be part of its fundamentals. We want to make it a reality for all our stakeholders, not just a concept.

This means designing reliable solutions to meet the needs of AXA’s customers, managing risks in a professional way, treating our partners fairly, developing a work environment built on strong values, inclusion, and trust. AXA also believes that it has a role to play in protecting the environment, supporting the communities in which it operates, and more broadly in helping to create stronger and more sustainable societies. This is part of creating a sustainable, long-term business, and becoming the preferred company for our customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

AXA's CR strategy rests on the six following pillars:

  1. Employees: Responsibility in our workplace
  2. Customers and products: Responsibility in customer relations and in our products
  3. Shareholders and ESG Risk Management: Responsibility in our Governance model
  4. Suppliers: Responsibility in supplier selection and relations
  5. Environment: Responsibility for our environmental footprint
  6. Community: Responsibility towards civil society

AXA in the Gulf launches different campaigns to raise awareness on risks and how to prevent them.