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How to declare your claim

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The Online Claims Portal provides ease of access for you to submit, track and manage your reimbursement claims easily from anywhere in the world.

Please note: you must keep a copy of all originals of claims submitted on line for at least 12 months as from time to time we may request these from you.


You can submit a new claim directly to AXA by uploading all of your claims documents allowing us to settle your claims within 15 working days.

For all claims submitted on line you can choose how you would like to be notified on the progress of a claim with AXA. You can choose to be notified via SMS or Email or both.

Please be aware that there is a maximum capacity for claims submitted on line, please ensure the files you are uploading are less than 1MB in size.


You can generate and print your claims report as soon as the claim is processed by AXA helping you to understand the amount reimbursed by AXA.

3. How to resubmit additional details?

If for any reason AXA requires further information to process your claim you will be notified in the way you choose. You can then resubmit the information on line ensuring the claim is processed as quickly as possible.

4. What do I need before using the online claims portal?

Before you start it is helpful to have all of the correct documents and information below so you can upload or follow your claims.

Policy Number & Membership Number – both can be found on your AXA Membership Card.

A fully completed claim form – ensure that this has been stamped and signed by the treating doctor and also signed by you.
All invoices related to the claim together with proof of payment i.e. receipts/ paid stamp.

Any supporting documents you may have been provided with by the hospital/treating practitioner i.e.

- Medical Reports
- Laboratory Test Results
- Ultrasound Reports
- Referral Letter

If in doubt, ensure you upload all documents you have received from the medical provider. This will ensure we have as much information as possible to process your claim quickly and will reduce the need to request further information.

To Track/ Manage a claim you will need the reference number provided to you by SMS/Email when you submitted the claim.

5. How to use the portal?

The Online Claims Portal is quick and easy to use, each step provides you with helpful hints at each stage wherever you see this sign ico_faq_ALL_EN.gif you can click to understand what is required in this section

You are also able to submit multiple claims and invoices in one step.