Marine Insurance

AXA’s market leading solutions insure your assets, be it cargo or yacht, against marine perils worldwide.


Why AXA?

  • Global security and local expertise.

  • The widest covers in the market.

  • Worldwide network of offices and agents.

  • Fair dealing and prompt settlement of claims.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Flexible approach to accepting risk.

AXA offers comprehensive cover for:

  • All types of cargoes

  • Project cargoes

  • Household goods and personal effects

Cargo plus

Protect your cargo at sea, over land or in the air.

AXA Cargo Plus provides all risks protection for your cargo in transit.

Did you know?

  • AXA is the leader in GCC cargo insurance market
  • AXA has a network spanning 90 countries
  • AXA has 5% share of the worldwide cargo insurance market
  • AXA has 84 underwriters and 43 claims managers worldwide
  • AXA offers online policy documentation, Net Cargo
  • AXA has unique risk management services for vessel selection, warehousing and packaging

Key Benefits

Cargo Plus embodies AXA’s three promises to customers

  1. Extra cover: AXA goes beyond the standard cover to provide a free of charge unique combination of more than 30 cover extensions
  2. Extra services -AXA offers:
    • Free risk management surveys and recommendations
    • A 24x7 emergency helpline
    • Online policy issuance facility
  3. Extra claims commitment

Additional Products: For special cargo insurance requirements beyond the ordinary transit cover.

  • Stock throughput cover
  • Contingency covers
  • Exhibition cover
  • War on land cover
  • Cover for project cargo and DSU

Product Details

Extra cover:

AXA goes beyond the standard cover to provide free of charge, a unique combination of more than 30 cover extensions, including:

  • Damage due to Faulty packing 
  • Urgent replacement of goods by air freight even if originally imported by sea 
  • Payment in full for goods with sensitive brands even if cargo only partially damaged 
  • General Average and Salvage claims paid in full irrespective of insured value. 
  • Removal of debris in the event authorities charge owners of goods for cleaning up operation 
  • Many more..

Extra services:

  • Free risk management surveys and recommendations on vessel selection and cargo including packing and warehousing 
  • A 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency helpline for advice and assistance when cargo is in peril
  • Net Cargo: A web-based on-line certificate and policy issuance system allowing customers to manage insurance documentation and accounting process at their own convenience

Extra claims commitment

  • To pay claims within 3 working days of a claim file being completed or 75% in 3 working days in the event a claim is proven but some documentation still awaited
  • A fair and open process
  • Facility for on-line reporting of claims available

Additional products
For special cargo insurance requirements beyond the ordinary transit cover.

Stock throughput
Customers who import, store and redistribute cargo can benefit from an extended insurance protection for goods from origin all the way to final destination under a seamless cover.

Contingency risks
Every importer or exporter is exposed to the risk of their trading partner not fulfilling responsibilities under an agreed contract of sale. AXA customers may be vulnerable in their capacity as a buyer or seller.

Exhibition risks
Customers displaying goods at trade fairs, shows or exhibitions can extend their insurance to cover transit to and from the exhibition sites and whilst on exhibition, including cover for stands, fixtures and fittings owned by the customer, unpacking, assembly, dismantling and repacking.

War on land
The Institute War Clause offers coverage for war risks only whilst cargo is sea-borne or air-borne. War on land extension is an option to cover war risks whilst the cargo is moved overland. This is especially significant for movements to war-zones and can be applied for on a case by case basis.

Project cargo
Delay in Start Up (DSU) - for customers starting new projects.
Business plans can be disrupted when critical items do not arrive on time. Holdups will bring about delay in completion of a project and consequently a loss of anticipated profits.
DSU is the solution that can protect profits if such critical items are lost or damaged in transit. This cover is offered in conjunction with marine insurance for the movement of the project cargo.



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