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AXA is one of the largest global specialists in Life insurance

AXA can provide combined Health & Life insurance solutions, offering you a simplified single point of administration. With our core business expertise, we can match your requirements and advise you during an efficient proposal and quotation process.


Why choose AXA for Life Insurance?

  • Core business global expertise

  • Global policy administration standards

  • Single point of contact for all your business needs

  • Strong underlying financial security

We offer 2 main product types

Why plan for the expected medical expenses, and not for the more serious situations?

As an employer in the Saudi region, you are liable to support your staff financially following work-related injuries and organize repatriation if needed.  Group Life products kick in during very serious situations - death or incapacitating accident or sickness or terminal illness - when medical insurance does not suffice to avoid financial difficulties.

It matters to your employees

  • Life & Disability has become a differentiating element in Compensation & Benefits strategies and is essential to attract and retain high-caliber employees
  • A Life & Disability cover is highly valued by your employees especially when they drive to work or travel frequently. In the Saudi region particularly, your employee is often the sole breadwinner of the family

And it is good value for money

  • It is a high-added-value product for a relatively low cost compared to Healthcare insurance
  • It would cost a lot more for your employees to purchase on an individual basis
  • AXA can combine it with your healthcare plan so that you do not incur additional administrative costs

Key Benefits

  • Group Life (Death due to any cause)
  • Accidental Death Benefit Permanent Total Disablement (either due to accident or sickness)
  • Permanent Partial Disablement (either due to accident or sickness)
  • Temporary Total Disablement (either due to accident or sickness)
  • Medical Expenses Reimbursement due to Accident
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Passive War and Terrorism Risk Cover

AXA helps banks to provide Life insurance to their mortgage, personal loan or credit card clients, to avoid situations of financial distress in case of death, terminal illness or disability.

Key Benefits

Our products are competitively priced, making them affordable to banks and financial institutions customers - across all segments.

We offer adequate levels of insurance cover on credit card outstanding balance and can structure value added riders like Permanent Partial Disability or Hospital Cash Benefit (daily In-Hospital expenses).

Our solutions for Mortgage Loan Insurance ensure that the needs of every segment of the bank or financial institution are met.

AXA offers a comprehensive set of benefits under Group Credit Life:

  • Death due to any cause
    Death Any Cause (DAC) is offered as a basic plan, where the Policy covers death due to sickness or accident.
  • Accidental Death
    Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) is offered as a supplementary rider, where AXA pays double the amount of cover in case of death due to an accident, thus covering the banks liability and providing extra benefit to the beneficiary of your customer.
  • Permanent Total Disability due to accident or sickness
    Permanent Total Disability (PTD) is offered as a supplementary rider, where the Policy covers 100% disability which results from bodily injury or sickness. The following instances are examples of ‘permanent and total’ disabilities:
    • Total and irrevocable loss of sight of both eyes
    • Complete and permanent deafness of both ears of traumatic origin
    • Loss of speech of traumatic origin
    • Loss of both arms or both hands
  • Critical Illness
    Critical Illness (CI) is offered as a basic plan, where the Policy covers against the following critical diseases: 
    • Heart Attack
    • Cancer
    • Kidney Failure
    • Major Organ Transplant
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Stroke
    • Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery
    • Blindness